Newlyjobs.com is a job portal that contains jobs from different countries like UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia Bahrain and in future we are planning to extend to other countries as well. We keep here fresh jobs vacancies that you might be searching for. However, we are expanding our job site to different other countries than the mentioned.

Please note: We do not provide any job or visas. The jobs that we publish are taken from authentic sources like Newspaper etc.


The jobs that we publish are mostly categorized by country as well as job type. Moreover, we give a simple apply method, either it is phone or sending your resume to the employer directly using an email address.

This should be noted that we are not recruiting company or agency and do not charge for jobs. Besides,, our jobs are mostly collected from different companies using certain channels. Moreover, we mention dates (Job posting date/ Expiry Date) while posting jobs, so you can easily see if the job is fresh or outdated.

Keep visiting www.Newlyjobs.com for latest & New job vacancies in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait etc.

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