Jobs in Jhelum – Latest Governments & Private Sector Jobs in Jhelum

Jobs in Jhelum

Jhelum is one of the bigger cities in Pakistan that is situated on the right side of the Jhelum river. The number of agriculture jobs in Pakistan is relatively higher than any other countries but in Jhelum, it is particularly due to having the Jhelum river flowing beside it.

Jhelum also has various other job opportunities besides agriculture that you can find information on in the local newspaper jobs section.

Jobs available in Jhelum
The following are some of the jobs available in Jhelum.

Cash officer jobs
Cash officer jobs are one of the common jobs in Pakistan. Almost all banks offer these jobs that will require you to perform all kinds of transactions while maintaining bank standards. This job is very good if you want to have a career in banking. These jobs require relatively less education than other jobs and pay well.

Area Sales jobs
Several area sales jobs are available in Jhelum to increase the sales of products and help in the overall growth of this business. The candidates are required to have sales experience and good communication skills. These jobs are beneficial as they will pay you according to how much you sell.

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Agricultural jobs
For meeting high agricultural demands, several government jobs in agriculture are available at any given time. If you have experience and are qualified in the field of agriculture, then you have the best chances to get this job. The local newspaper jobs section will hold more information for you. These jobs can be a very good start for your agricultural career.

Health jobs
Young males and females having a medical degree that are looking for jobs in Jhelum can apply for several Gvt jobs for the posts of Doctors, Medical consultant, Medical officer, etc. These jobs are very beneficial as they pay really well, and you can even move to higher posts with experience.  If you are interested, then you can apply online for vacant vacancies.

I hope this article has provided you with enough information to look for jobs in Jhelum. Jhelum is a big industrial and agricultural hub of Pakistan containing many job opportunities in different fields of life.

Jobs in Jhelum – Latest Governments & Private Sector Jobs in Jhelum