Jobs in Sialkot – Latest Governments & Private Jobs in Sialkot Punjab

Jobs in Sialkot

Sialkot is a very important city for Pakistan in terms of exports. It is a well-known city in the world for its sports goods. It produces the second-highest earnings in exports for Pakistan. This city has a very large industry of surgical instruments, sports items, and textiles. Therefore, they have many job opportunities in Sialkot. Apart from these industrial jobs, they have a variety of public and government jobs.

Jobs Available in Sialkot
The following are some of the many jobs available in Sialkot.

Industrial Engineer
Industrial engineer jobs in Pakistan are in high demand, especially in Sialkot. Engineers having expertise in reviewing production schedules, making production highly efficient, and reducing waste are preferred. They should also be able to handle production issues and technicalities. You can look for details in the local newspaper jobs section. This job will prove highly beneficial if you want to have a career as an industrial engineer.

Highway Mechanical Division
These government jobs are for young and strong candidates. These jobs include posts for security guards, Supervisors, and helpers in local stores. These jobs in Sialkot can be very helpful to people that have a very basic education. These jobs will ensure that you will never be jobless in your life.

Export Assistant
Sialkot plays a major role in Pakistan’s export, so it has many export-related jobs. Export assistants having custom rebate filing and DLTL Case filing are required. They must also know to deal with export documents cases. This job is a great opportunity for youngsters who just got their business degrees. This is one of the best jobs to start a career in the field of export.

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Factory Manager
A man who can run a factory well is in demand everywhere. The same is the case in Sialkot where a full-time factory manager is required to run a good manufacturing factory. The persons having managerial experience will be highly preferred. This is one of the highly paid jobs in Pakistan. This job will prove very beneficial later and your salary will increase with your experience.

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Medical Posts
This Gvt job is for females having psychological experience. This job is very beneficial for women that have degrees in psychology but are just waiting for the right opportunity. The local newspaper jobs section will have more details if you want to apply for this job.

If you are looking for jobs in Sialkot then I hope this article will be beneficial for you. There are many jobs in Sialkot that are waiting for you.

Jobs in Sialkot – Latest Governments & Private Jobs in Sialkot